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Risk Management and Compliance Solutions - Special...

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For most capital markets firms, risk and regulation are basic elements of the natural business environ- ment. Pricing and repackaging risk are, after all, the industry’s core competencies, and some degree of regulation has always been the tradeoff for political and economic stability. Managing risks and assur- ing compliance are essential operating functions, and the IT solutions that support them are impor- tant components of enterprise infrastructure. Today, capital markets firms face increasing risk management and compliance demands. It’s not news that a few corporate scandals and global instabilities have brought new public scrutiny and regulatory intervention, or that recession and globalization have roiled markets, multiplied business risks and depressed earnings. Financial service leaders are responding to these challenges with a spirit of continuous innovation toward their business process and the supporting technol- ogy.They are modernizing their IT infrastructure, implementing business process best practices, and deploying new solutions that utilize and build upon these efficiencies.What some managers see as routine technology upgrades, visionary execu- tives understand as investments in new revenue and growth opportunities. Today’s Risk and Compliance Needs Lead to Innovative Technology Solutions To understand how infrastructure modernization fuels corporate growth, one must first understand the separate but converging technology requirements for risk and compliance management. Risk management Transaction volume and processing requirements have gone through the roof as derivatives and other exotic instruments have come to dominate many trading streams and portfolios. Providing cost- effective compute power to model and simulate the performance of these instruments is a critical need. In addition, providing real-time risk management support for traders and asset managers requires a single portfolio
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Risk Management and Compliance Solutions - Special...

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