241Final-S11 - MATH 241 FINAL EXAM MAY 10, 2011 (CLEE,...

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Unformatted text preview: MATH 241 FINAL EXAM MAY 10, 2011 (CLEE, GUPTA, SHATZ) The examination consists of 15 problems each worth 10 points; answer all of them. The first 10 are multiple choice, NO PARTIAL CREDIT given, but NO PENALTY FOR GUESSING. To answer, CIRCLE THE ENTIRE STATEMENT YOU DEEM CORRECT in the problem concerned. No work is required to be shown for these 10 problems, use your bluebooks for computations and scratch work. The next 5 are long answer questions, PARTIAL CREDIT GIVENYOU MUST SHOW YOUR WORK. SHOW THE WORK FOR THESE IN THE SPACE PROVIDED ON THE EXAM SHEETS. DO NOT USE BLUE BOOKS FOR THESE 5 QUESTIONS; DO NOT HAND IN YOUR BLUE BOOKS. No books, tables, notes, calcula- tors, computers, phones or electronic equipment allowed; one 8 and 1/2 inch by 11 inch paper allowed, handwritten on both sides, in your own handwriting ; no substitutions of this aid allowed. NB. In what follows, we write u x for u x and u xx for 2 u x 2 , etc. in those problems concerning PDE. YOUR NAME (print please): YOUR PENN ID NUMBER: YOUR SIGNATURE: INSTRUCTORS NAME (CIRCLE ONE): CLEE GUPTA SHATZ SCORE: Do not write belowfor grading purposes only. I VI XI II VII XII III VIII XIII IV IX XIV V X XV TOTAL: 1 2...
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241Final-S11 - MATH 241 FINAL EXAM MAY 10, 2011 (CLEE,...

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