PPPodcast10 - PPPodcast Week 10 Welcome to the PPPodcast...

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PPPodcast: Week 10 Welcome to the PPPodcast for week 10. The Major Concept for this week is the difference between autoecious and heteroecious rust life cycles. Yes, believe it or not, plants can actually rust. Don’t you really mean that plants can be infected by rust fungi and develop small rust colored pustules on their leaves and stems? Yes, but it’s more fun to say that plants can rust. And these diseases did get the name rust because it looks like the plants are rusting, the way that iron metal can rust. Of all the plant pathogenic organisms, the rust fungi have some of the most complex and interesting disease cycles. You should know by now that some plant diseases are monocyclic while others are polycyclic, and that some plant pathogenic fungi can produce more than one type of spore. For example, the fungus that causes South American leaf blight of rubber trees produces both ascospores and conidia, and both spores serve a function in the disease cycle. Well, some rust fungi can produce as many as five different spore stages, and to further complicate the picture some of them require the presence of two different types of host plants to complete their disease cycles. A rust fungus that produces all five spore stages is said to be macrocyclic , literally meaning large cycled, while those that lack one or more of the five possible spore stages are said to be microcyclic . A rust fungus that completes all of its life stages on a single kind of host plant is said to
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PPPodcast10 - PPPodcast Week 10 Welcome to the PPPodcast...

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