PPPodcast13 - PPPodcast: Week 13 Welcome to the PPPodcast...

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PPPodcast: Week 13 Welcome to the PPPodcast for Week 13. This Week’s Major Concept is non-living disease agents. Although we have focused on plant diseases caused by pathogenic organisms, many plant diseases are caused by non-living factors. The course text book defines a plant disease as “any disturbance of a plant that interferes with its normal growth and development, economic value, or aesthetic quality”. The phrase “any disturbance” is pretty broad, and does not place any restrictions on what can cause a plant disease. In fact, plant diseases can be divided into two major categories; biotic diseases, caused by pathogenic organisms, like fungi and bacteria, and abiotic diseases, caused by non-living factors or conditions. Biotic diseases are also known as infectious diseases, because a pathogen can reproduce on an infected plant and then move to another plant, spreading the disease. Abiotic diseases, on the other hand, are non-infectious, and are not able to spread from one plant to another. The diseases that you have learned about so far this semester have all been biotic diseases. However, abiotic diseases probably occur more often than do biotic diseases. So what kinds of factors cause abiotic diseases? As you might imagine there are many. Different environmental conditions that affect the growth of a plant can cause abiotic diseases. This includes things like extremes of heat and cold, or overly wet or dry conditions. The presence of
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PPPodcast13 - PPPodcast: Week 13 Welcome to the PPPodcast...

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