experiment10 - ME 310 Fluid Mechanics Experiment 10...

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ME 310 Fluid Mechanics Experiment 10 – Coefficient of Discharge, Coefficient of Velocity, Coefficient of Contraction – Orifice and Jet Apparatus ______________________________________________________ This experiment is designed to help you understand several properties of water flows through an orifice including the coefficients of Discharge ( D C ), Velocity ( V C ), and Contraction ( C C ) . Objective: To calculate the D C , V C , & C C at a number of head pressures for two different orifices. To draw a relationship between these properties and the size of orifice. Reference: Sections 8-6 through 8-10 in Intro. to Fluid Mechanics; Fox, McDonald, and Pritchard; 6 th edition Description of the Apparatus: The apparatus consist mainly of a cylindrical tank with a small orifice near the bottom of the tank. There is an inlet hose through which the tank is filled and supplied with water and there is an adjustable overflow pipe near the top of the tank through which the level of water in the tank can be perfectly maintained. The tank is mounted on a frame along with a recording system that is used to measure the jet of water produced from the orifice when in use. The recording system consists of a clipboard and adjustable needles. The needles can be adjusted in height to correspond with the arc of the water jet. Paper can be mounted against the clipboard and the position of the tops of the needles can be recorded on the paper. Figure 10.1 Orifice and Jet Apparatus. 10.1
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Experimental Procedure: Figure 10.2 Sketch of Orifice and Jet Apparatus 1- Set up the apparatus such that the orifice is facing the sink. Place the water drainer under the apparatus. Connect the hose from the inlet pipe to the water facet. Make sure that the exit hose from the adjustable overflow pipe is positioned so that it will drain into the sink. Through visual inspection, level the 10.2 Clip Board Scale (h) Clamp Needle Head Tank Adjustable Overflow Pipe Inlet Pipe Orifice Plate
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experiment10 - ME 310 Fluid Mechanics Experiment 10...

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