1. Intellectual Context - Lecture 1 21/09/11 POL200Y1...

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Lecture 1 21/09/11 POL200Y1 Political Theory -This course will follow the typical western canon of European political thought. With a few exceptions, this tradition consists of European males, begging new questions from different viewpoints. I. Intellectual Context: Plato and the Greeks a) Ionian Revolution -New rationalism begins with the ‘pre-Socratics’, who, while separated from the beginning of political thought, but are considered as the start of philosophical tradition. -They were the first ones to write and record philosophically in Greek. They did not appeal to gods, but instead rational thought, independent of religious stories. They asked questions like, What is the Earth made of? Cosmology. -Socrates was put on trial for being associated with these people. -Plato and Socrates asked: What is it to live the good life? Virtuous life? This had to be answered at the community and individual level. Ethics and Politics intertwined. -The rise of rationalism was due in part to the need to get a handle over the unpredictable and arbitrary aspects of the environment at the time. -It’s only with the Enlightenment did rational thought seep into popular culture. -Plato and Socrates were not atheists, but they gave rationalist critiques of pagan
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1. Intellectual Context - Lecture 1 21/09/11 POL200Y1...

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