2. Plato's Republic

2. Plato's Republic - abandon of Socratic irony and...

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Lecture 2 03/10/11 POL 200 Y1 Plato’s Republic Review: -Cephalus: Giving people what you owe them -Polemarchus: Helping friends harming enemies -Thrasymachus: The interest of the stronger, right is might. -The unjust person flourishes, justice never pays. -Sets the tone: -Sets very prevalent views of justice in the athienian world. -People claim to know what justice is, put after challenged, they cannot defend their view. You should be able to defend your view and everyone in book 1 is unable to. -Socrates playing a negative role, not constructing any ideas of justice. He does not take his subjects seriously. -Cephalus is too materiastic. -Polemarchus and Thrasymachus are described as wanting political careers, not interested in getting all the truth. -Book one ends with nothing really resolved, just demolished views. Book 2: -Now we have Glaucon and Adeimantus, brothers of Plato. Friendly to Socrates, people who are interested in the truth. -This reflects on the tone of the conversation, even though it is still a dialogue. There is a
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Unformatted text preview: abandon of Socratic irony and elenchus. Socrates is now constructive to the argument.-G and A take up T’s argument, it is a little different, more moderate and has a long persuasive history. -Glaucon starts by saying there are three things how we can understand justice as a good. 1. In and of themselves, not instrumental. 2. Bring goods with them, utility or instrumentally good, not in and of themselves. 3. Things that are both 1 and 2.-Glaucon says Socrates wants to claim justice as something of the 3 rd type.-Socrates hasn’t made the case for this yet. Why should we be just.-Socrates takes up the argument to show how it is good in and of itself, and how it is an instrumental good.-Glaucon tells a story of how justice comes into the world, a contract view of justice.-Individuals are fundamentally self interested. (this is taking justice as treating people the right way)....
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