7. Hellenism - Lecture 7 POL 200 Y 1 Political Theory...

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Lecture 7 10/11/2011 POL 200 Y 1 Political Theory Hellenism – circa 336 BCE to 30 BCE: -Born during the time of the Alexandrian Empire. Opened up the whole world, brought Greek influences to the areas surrounding it. Commercial expansion to the East. -In the Hellenist period, Greek ideas are dominant, though Greece as a political power is weak. -Stands between the power of Athens and the power of Rome. -Period ends with the death of Cleopatra, who was a Greek. Cultural connections to her dynasty were Greek. -The most important political institution becomes the empire, taking over from the polis. 1. Imperialism takes over from the city-state. 2. Traditional way of life put into question 3. The ‘good life’ no longer attached to particular political participation. Six schools of Hellenism: -Platonism Academy -Aristotelianism Lyceum -Cynicism -Skepticism -Epicureanism Garden -Stoicism Stoa -We will look at the last four. -Many of these are not actually political theorists, but they all have an attitude towards politics. -Some people think that some of these people are not great philosophers. They became life philosophies for normal individuals from all walks of life, they weren’t segregated in an ivory tower. -Christianity arose from a thoroughly Hellenised world. Ataraxia/peace of mind:
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7. Hellenism - Lecture 7 POL 200 Y 1 Political Theory...

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