12. Modernity and Machiavelli

12. Modernity and Machiavelli - POL 200 Y 1 Modernity...

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POL 200 Y 1 Modernity Overview: Modernity = faith in progress -Global economic system that once was the pride and joy of the modern system is in much trouble. -Science, that once was at the forefront of progress has brought about problems such as global warming. -Yearning for progress and fearing it at the same time. -Separation of first and third worlds, the latter being separated from modernity. -Fundamentalism: Modern organizations with modern tools based on traditional values and religious beliefs. -What is the status of modernity? What are the beginnings? Beginnings of Modernism: Machiavelli: -Traditional view: -Held until the 18 th century, old fashioned people still hold it. -The Epitome of evil, the greatest teacher of it. Nothing more evil than making other people evil. -Evil men could take inspiration from the devil, but the devil took inspiration from Machiavelli. -Positive views: -Viewed as a pragmatist or a political realist, not evil. -He described how leaders gained their powers, in the way of a political scientist. -Italian view: He was a republican, and the founder of Italian nationalism. -He wasn’t evil, he was modern. His contemporaries did not understand him because they were not modernists. The truth will set you free is a precept of modernity. Mistook for evil because it clashed with tradition. -Machivelli’s teachings are indeed evil, but his corruption has convinced us that they are not. Is
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12. Modernity and Machiavelli - POL 200 Y 1 Modernity...

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