13. Machiavelli II - Lecture #13 19/01/12 POL200 Y1...

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Lecture #13 19/01/12 POL200 Y1 Political Theory Machiavelli II: Hereditary Principalities: -What reader would fix upon this chapter as one of the most importance? -Lorenzo, and it tells him that it is very easy to hold his state, and difficult to lose it. Also it would be easy for him to gain it back if ever lost. You don’t need any special knowledge or virtue. -Reads like an lullaby, an ode to the inertia of hereditary rule. The Duke of Ferrara as one, the office makes the man. Chapter 3: Taking Away What Belongs to Others Legitimately: -If Lorenzo had read on past Chapter 2, he would have found that there are always challenges to one’s rule. -“Man willingly change their lords in the belief that they will fare better”. -This is the problem of the old hereditary prince! The opportunity of the ambitious prince. A complete reversal and contradiction of what he said in the second chapter! -The new prince does have problems of his own, that might well revert to the old prince, but Machiavelli gives advice to the usurper on how to keep his newly acquired spoils. -That being, eliminate the bloodline! Typical Machiavellian argument, reverses himself on the advice he just gave. Not the advice you would expect from a well-wisher to Lorenzo or his family. -Friendship trumps interest. -Very moral argument, having befriended your friend, you cannot be the first to strike a blow against it. If you are betrayed, only then can you secure yourself against him. -Is this really his advice? -Why do people become friends? Because each side is anticipating goods for themselves, and the others as a means to their own ends. -Means that every friendship is one of potential conflict. -If friendship is more sacred than interest, you must not betray them, but if the friendship is the means, why should I scrap the ends to keep the means? -If your friend is about to move against you, the good requires you oust
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13. Machiavelli II - Lecture #13 19/01/12 POL200 Y1...

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