18. Hobbes II - Lecture #18 07/03/12 POL 200 Y 1 Political...

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Lecture #18 07/03/12 POL 200 Y 1 Political Theory Hobbes – Leviathan: Chapter 46 is on reading list, important chapter. Chapter 11: -Manner is not polite society matters, but those qualities of mankind that concerns living together in peace and unity. -Criteria of whether a manner should be accepted or not. -Replacement of princely virtue, ever on guard prepared for war, with peace and unity. -Restless desire for power, ending only in death. The reason is that he cannot assure power, without the acquisition of more. Everyone wants this, so someone else will always be seeking your power. -Obedience to civil authority will supersede all other considerations. We must first get out of the state of nature. Chapter 12: Religion - Discusses the sources of religion, ‘natural seeds’. -Refers to the seeds of religion that cause both true and false religions to grow. -What is religion for Hobbes? -Religion and its seeds derives from a desire people have to know the causes of things. A kind of science, attempts to understand, especially in this world. -This account is not friendly to religion, it is essentially bad science, superstition. “Even those whoa re perfectly awake, if they are superstitious, are subject to fancies and seeing ghosts. Either their imagination or naivety. -All revelation is superstition. -Does preserve the distinction between religion and reason. Stresses its political utility. He defines religion as what is publicly accepted, superstition is not. -Moses compels belief through force, determines what is right and wrong. -Hobbes talks about a wide variety of topics, not until chapter 17 does he speak of politics directly. Why? -It is necessary to support this statement, “I’m not brave, I don’t think there is anything worth dying for.” In Hobbes world there is nothing worth dying for. -Hobbes attacks it at its root, by showing that all human opinions of the good are all
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18. Hobbes II - Lecture #18 07/03/12 POL 200 Y 1 Political...

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