19. Hobbes III - Lecture #19 15/03/12 POL 200 Political...

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Lecture #19 15/03/12 POL 200 Political Theory Hobbes: -Hobbes has invented a new nobility of accepting ones own ignobility and equality with everyone else. This became extremely possible Chapter 16: -Representative government -Legal Fiction of Agency: We agree to accept the actions as our own, the actions of another who is not us. We take that person to be our agent, whose decision we are bound by. An agent to be our master. -The fundamental fact of the political relationship. We choose a parliament, it’s decisions are our decisions, though it is obviously not the Canadian public, laws are binding. Parliamentary sovereignty, (though it has no claim to rule in its own name, it is subordinate to us). -New way of conceiving politics. The servants of all, who derives authority from all. Chapter 17: -Useful summary of everything previous. -Given that the state of nature is contrary to our hopes and interests, why can’t we just agree to cooperate, why do we have to hand over all our sovereignty to a Leviathan? -The difference between us and Ants/Bees is that we compete for honor and glory. We are sensitive to honor or glory because of our reason. If you make the standard for achievement absence of evil, you will come to a conclusion that reason is actually an evil. ‘Beast Envy’. -From Hobbes point of view, reason is able to solve the problems caused by reason. Would we be better off without it? How can the common power be formed? -I give up my right under the condition that everyone else gives up their right in the same manner. Social Contract, under the mortal God to which we owe our peace and defence. I’ll relinquish if you relinquish. -Fear of the sovereign is as important to keep us on the course of rationality. -Hobbes tries to create a situation where nobody rules anybody else. Representative self- government takes the place of rule. Chapter 18: Rights of Sovereigns:
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19. Hobbes III - Lecture #19 15/03/12 POL 200 Political...

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