Blood Drive Summary---March 6

Blood Drive Summary---March 6 - helping donors register and...

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Red Cross Blood Drive—March 6, 2012 Summary Our third blood drive was an combined effort with a variety of student health organizations on campus, which was an health fair held throughout Baker center. This was our first blood were we had to get our own donors and the goal for this drive was 20 units. Each group member was expected to get 4-5 donors and possibility 2 emergency donors in case the one of the donors couldn’t show up. Each group member participated in the donor drive helping to recruit walk-ins and welcoming their donors who sign up. Although this was our first time running our own blood drive we did a very good job
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Unformatted text preview: helping donors register and pre-prepare to give blood without the previous help the Red Cross members. Although we didn’t meet our ultimate goal of 20 units, we were very pleased with the turn out. We had 27 people register to give blood, 8 people were not able to give blood due to low iron and other complications, but we had 19 successful units by the end of the drive. Lori didn’t mention a high number of no shows for this blood and we saw most of our donors at the drive who were previous signed up. Lori was pleased with the amount of donors our groups collected and thanked us for all our work....
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