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Richard Crist Class Debrief

Richard Crist Class Debrief - MKG635 Yongxi Xue Debrief of...

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Unformatted text preview: MKG635 Yongxi Xue Debrief of class in 9/14/2011 Mr. Richard Crist, as a successful leader, shared his understanding of leadership is a real business circumstance. Leadership is one the most important aspects in sales management and is determinant of the efficiency of a sale force. Leadership in real world business is very different from management. Leadership influences people to take actions, and encourage people to move forward to next level. On the other hand, management only deals with maintaining systems and processes, which means management is unlike leadership that could bring positive changes to an organization. Mr. Crist mentioned this in the class, and this is a better way to define what leadership is. It is unnecessary to let the one has the best professional skills to be the leader, but the one who has talent to motivate and influence others. After that, Mr. Crist noticed that trust is the foundation of leadership. Trust means way more than “not lying” in business. A true leader cannot just tell truth all the time, but also truly convince “not lying” in business....
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