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MKG635 Yongxi Xue Speaker: Dr. Avila We had a very interesting lecture on sales talent in our Wednesday class. Dr. Avila concentrated his study and academic activity in sales management, and he has very unique and outstanding accomplishment in his field. First of all, Dr. Avila introduced and discussed how company recruiting talents from thousands of people who are seeking jobs. He identified the trend of change in how companies recruit people in more effective and technology-based methods; then, he talked about why companies need recruitment. There are multiple ways for companies to locate their candidates now, and the way of recruiter’s select prospective candidates changes among with the technology updating and the way how people communicate. After that, the toughest part, and it is also where the place many application failed, evaluating potential candidates. Many aspects would be considered while evaluating application materials, such as resume, interview (including face-to-face interview, phone interview, etc.), tests (it is a very major part that recruiters would consider while selecting candidates, and the
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