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MKG635 Yongxi Xue Book Review 1: Josh Stiens--Wins Losses and Lessons When I am picking which book review to watch first, this video clip really grasped my attention because of its huge file size. After 10 minutes of downloading, I found out that it is really worthy. Josh is really a good presenter, and he presents not only the core content of the book he recommended, but also his thoughts and applications regarding those key points. He introduces the background of both the book and author to give audience a better view to get insight of the book. He interprets the original author’s idea into his concerns and presents in front of us. More importantly, he summarized the importance and implementation of the core content into real
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Unformatted text preview: world environment. At the same time, he puts attentions on visual effect of the presentation that he keeps the light dim so that audiences could see the PowerPoint slides better. One suggestion I would like to share is that the font in the PowerPoint slides could be larger so that audiences could see it clearly along with a better understanding of his unique and professional ideas of thought. I would definitely try to access to the book after Josh’s presentation. I found out that understanding the key points in the book would help me to perform better to achieve win-win, which is my weak point need to be improved to be prepared for real business challenge....
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