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MKG635 Yongxi Xue Book review: Han Zhao --The Analects of Confucius--Leadership Wisdom Han Zhao --The Analects of Confucius--Leadership Wisdom I have to admit that after watching the video of the book review, I would definitely read the book again. I found out that I misunderstand many key points of the book, and my original understanding of the book is so lack of practical meaning. I believe the Analects of Confucius would be the best seller book of the entire world, because almost 99% of the population in East Asia knows and has read the book. Confucius’s ideas gathered in the book have influenced people for thousands of years, and every point he came up would be adopted into any aspect regardless the era and nation. Due to its very sophisticated meaning and content, each reader would have different levels of understanding and implication. My first reading experience of the book was about 7 years ago when I was still in higher school. I did not have strong sense of how business is going and how the real world is. After
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