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MKG 635 Dr. Schetzsle Yongxi Xue The two cases are talking about firefighting, and I am sure that I would never get involved into a real firefighting in my life. However, the educational meaning of this case is way more than telling us to get away from forest in a drought season. Communication, no matter in a daily base or business level, is the most important aspect. One common mistake that crews in the two cases were making was miscommunication so that the leader could not make proper decisions. “A skilled commander seeks victory from the situation and does not demand it of his subordinates”, and this requires the leader to become very familiar with other members and their skills and background. In the real world of business, the very first thing to start of leading a team is communicating with each other and getting known of each other. After the very first step, a properly organized leadership structure, which is crucial to increase the power of a team, would be built on a solid interpersonal relationship. Management of many is the same as management of few; it is a matter of organization. In
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