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MKG635 Yongxi Xue ASSIGNMENT: PHASE 1 Part 1: Habit 1: Be Proactive Being proactive exists in many aspects in our life, and the degree varies: it could be getting up 20 minutes earlier in the morning to prepare a nutritious breakfast to start a day, or it could be attending professional training seminar to improve business skills and to expand career horizon. Being proactive is the determinant of effectiveness in life because it is the attitude people hold toward challenges and to take responsibilities of behavior and subsequent consequences. To reach better performance in sales, sales managers have to be proactive. Internally, sales managers should be proactive enough to learn and study in what they are trying to sell and what the potential target markets are. At the same time, externally, customers will not come to knock sales managers’ door seeking products or services, and a sale force should go to visit its customers proactively instead. Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind Just like building any structural entity, a blue print should be prepared ahead of time, and potential risks and challenges should also be weighted and considered before the work started. Effective people always self-discover and clarify what their strengths and weaknesses are, and what threats and opportunities they would possibly confront. At the same time, understanding what is the goal of a certain project, or even the goals of life, makes people motivated and energetic enough to overcome difficulties. As excellent sales managers, understanding what exact skills and attributes they have, expecting what are going to happen in the whole sales process, and picturing an image of delivering message and achieving a win-win situation are crucial to accomplish sales goals. Habit 3: Put First Things First A good habit is to make sure everything scheduled for a day would be finished; a good habit for highly effective people would be more than that. Accomplish extra tasks everyday makes personal progress happen, and how to acquire the extra time to do extra work? Planning, prioritizing, and importance weighting would help people to achieve goals effectively. Evaluating the importance rather than urgency of an event could, on one hand, deal with greater challenge with greater energy condition to achieve better result; on the other hand, well organized schedule would make people more calm and confident to avoid decision made by impulsion. A great sales manager should understand this “habit” on two different aspects. Business opportunities appear and disappear in seconds, irrational time arrangement would definitely lead low efficiency of the sales force and high possibility of losing opportunity to expand business or even to continue business with existing customers. Therefore, sales manager should absolutely follow the rule. However, there is no
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pdp_phase 1 - MKG635 Yongxi Xue ASSIGNMENT PHASE 1 Part 1...

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