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Channels DDs and Group Project FALL 2010

Channels DDs and Group Project FALL 2010 - Channels DDs and...

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Channels DDs and Group Project FALL 2010 Group Project & Presentation 150 points Outline-Plan submitted to professor 25 pts Group Presentation 100 pts Group member grades 15 pts Exam Questions (15 objective questions) 10 pts You will work in a team setting to prepare a comprehensive Marketing Channels presentation addressing a particular channel chapter. Each group will receive one grade, and all team members will get the exact same grade. You will be required to conduct a 40 minute presentation based on your activities and research -- using power points and handouts to lead an in-class discussion. The presentation will be a group effort. All members are required to participate and contribute to the presentation. Professional dress is mandatory. Bi-weekly group progress reports are required and a FINAL presentation outline complete with ppts, handouts, videos, cases, etc. must be submitted to the professor prior to your presentations. This outline will be used during the evaluation of your presentation.
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