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Which of the following is not a characteristic of wholesale voluntary group? a. Standardized operating procedures b. Common logos c. Structured marketing agreements d. Members buying shares and becoming owners Co-ops have a more formalized structure and are better able to influence the marketing efforts of the retailers (owner-members) than in the wholesaler voluntary group. a. True b. False c. I am not sure Which of the following activity has the lowest rick? a. Foreign subsidiary b. Hiring foreign distributors c. Exporting or importing d. Strategic alliance e. None of the above What are some major reasons making export distribution complicated?
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Unformatted text preview: a. Products are badly suited to the market b. Inappropriate market strategy c. Currency, customs and languages d. All of above e. None of the above By taking which of the following measure could possibly make export distribution profitable? a. A strategy of supporting the channel members responsible for the exported goods b. Delivering export goods to the channel member in timely, reliable way. c. Exchanging information freely, frequently, and informally. d. All the above e. Ask Gail...
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