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Marketing Channels Student Handout Presentation Questions Fall 2010 1. Manufacturers tend to think more coverage is better. A ) True B) False 2. _______ prefer the manufacturer to offer less coverage. A ) Channel members B) Retailers C) Companies D) Consumers 3. Exclusive distribution is when a brand can be purchased through many possible outlets in trading area. A) True B) False 4. _________ competition is price competition between sellers of the same brand. A) Interbrand B) Intrabrand C) Intrachannel D) Vertical 5. For convenience goods, more coverage is usually better because buyers purchase impulsively or refuse to exert effort to find the brand. A) True B) False 6. More trade partners means more revenue? A) True B) False 7. There is a direct relationship between coverage and sales. A) True B) False 8. ________causes high sales volume because items aren’t readily available and consumers are willing to be on waiting lists for such items A) Premium pricing B) Target markets C) High quality positioning D) all of the above 9. _____allows for channel members to provide assortment of products A) Selectivity B) Positioning C) Brand strategy D) None of the above 10. The balance between a manufacturer sharing its territory and the reseller sharing its category helps the manufacturer influence their _________. A) Pricing B) Competitive market
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C) Category placement D) multi-branding 11. Piggybacking is when _______________. A) One company copies another company’s decisions. B) One company uses the other company as a means of communication. C ) One company uses the other as a means of distribution (rider) and that company has excess capacity in its distribution system to accommodate the rider’s product (carrier). D) One company uses a competitor company to base the price of its product. 12. In order to strengthen the carrier-rider relationship each company should engage in __________. A) Reciprocal Piggybacking B) Piggybacking C) Copying another company’s distribution method D) Competition with each other 13. An example explained in the lecture dealing with multiple types of channels was the __________ example. A) Sony B) Baccarat C) Seiko D) Tupperware 14. ____________ is a method that is good for fast moving consumer goods. A) Coupling information sharing with frequent introduction of new products B) Investing in brand building C) Branded variants D) Mitigating the buyer’s costs of selective distribution 15. What is cannibalization? A) Creating new business and taking business away from existing channels B) Creating new business for two opposite markets C) Taking business away from a competitor D) Minimizing the size of a company 16. When it comes to the sources of channels, what advice did we give you today? A) Channel manager must pay attention to both demand and supply side
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mkg 410 answers - Marketing Channels Student Handout...

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