EssaySamples - 1. How to get into the top MBA programs, Don...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. How to get into the top MBA programs, Don Martin. 2. 115 ESSAY, 17 . 3. 21 ESSAY . ESSAY . 4. , . 5. CHASEDREAM , , . Xiearmyxiearmy Chapter I Application Essay Examples INTRODUCTION This appendix contains 115 actual essays written, by 17 different applicants, for leading MBA programs. They address dozens of different essay topics. The applicants and their essays have been selected to give you the widest possible range of materials from which to profit. The first four applicants all applied to the University of Chicago. They were chosen by Chicagos admissions director, Don Martin, according to my desire that they be from four very different people and of average quality for those admitted. In other words, these essays will show you exactly what you are competing against. They are of perfectly acceptable quality, but they should not discourage you. If you follow the lessons of this book you should be able to surpass each of these efforts. The second set of three applicantsMelissa, Doreen, and Carolis taken from Columbia Universitys files. Columbias admissions director, Linda Meehan, was asked to supply several applications, again from people of widely differing backgrounds, but this time of superior quality. I think that this groups applications are of a somewhat higher average standard than the Chicago applications, true to my request, but I do not think that any of them should prove daunting to readers of this book. The remaining applicants feature a high proportion of candidates whom Education U.S.A. helped apply. This is not true for all of them, but what is true is that all of their applications are of a high standard. They have been chosen because they offer good models for learning in addition to representing the widest possible range of backgrounds and future goals. Thus here you will find everything from an American commercial photographer to a Cameroonian electrical engineering consultant. The range of applicants, however, extends beyond questions of their job and university backgrounds. Approximately half of the applicants are women, the other half men. A slight majority of the applicants are American, but the others come from a range of countries. (My company operates in Europe as well as the United States and does not just pay lip service to the notion of globalization.) The schools they applied to include over a dozen leading American and half-dozen European schools....
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EssaySamples - 1. How to get into the top MBA programs, Don...

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