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Math llf EXAM 1, f,'ebruary 13,2008 Read each problem carefully. Show all your work for each problem! Use only the methods discussed in class. No calculators! I. (2O points) Find the limit if it exists. If the limit does not exist, explain why. ")ruqw rusry= ")lsffi d),r11 ffi 2. (L2points) Beginningwiththegraph of A :lnr usehansformationstosketchthe graph of y - - 3In (r + 1) +2. state the transformations you use. 3. (12 points) Use the definition ofthe derivative (as the limit of a difference quotient) to findthederivativeof A-# at r:3. 4. (l8 points) Evaluate the following (include * m and - oo as possible values of alimit): a) Ir- 5-3t2 b) lifii # c) 11m r2+2x--J ":A 2r2+6r-tr
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Unformatted text preview: ", n^Ii_ y_2 r__1+ ;+i-5. (12 points) Find the horizontal and vertical aqmptotes, if they exist. b ) z - # @ 6. (14 points) Given the tunctions f (r) : J, + 2, g(r) : 12 - L a) find the inverse function of f (r) and its domain, and b) find the composite function g(f (")) and its domain. 7 - (12 points) a) For each of the following functions find the points of discontinuity (if any) and state whether the discontinuity is removable or not removable and if removable ' redefine the firnction to make it continuous at that point. i) a-w ii)z:W+ b) Deterrnine thereal values of r for which is continuous. iii) a - lr-rl ln(r-1-) * arcsint u:--ft a) A - st4+zf-t...
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