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Math 111 EXAM 2,0ctober 29,2008 Read eaoh problem carefully. Show all your work for each problem! Useonly the methods discussed in class.No calculators! 1. (20 points) Differentiate the following functions(do not simpliff): a) g : ton2(3) b) q: 1fr ecscl/i c) z - arctanfco"(*)] d) u: tosrlsec(2r)l 2. (12 points) Given the function y : na-4r3 * 4r2 a) find the intervals on which the function is increasing or decreasing, and b) determine the points at which the function hasa local maximum or minimum. 3. (Lzpoints) Use logarithmic differentiation to find # for the following functions (do not simpliff): 4. (12 points) Given the function n2 + a2 * sin(ru) * t a) use implicit difilerentiation to find # , *d b) find the equation of the tangent line at the point (0,1). 5. (L0points) Giventhe function g - (L-r\3, -3 < r 1 B a) find the critical points over the given interval, and b) find the points over ttre given interval wherethe absolute maximum and the absolute minimum of the function occur.
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