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Math 111 EXAM 3, November 19,2008 Read each problem carefully. Show all your work for each problem! Use only the methods discussed in class. No calculators! l. (L2 points) A ball is thrown vertically upward with an initial velocity of 64 ft/sec from the the top of a building which is 512 fwt high (neglect air resistance and use the acceleration due to gravity to be - 82 ft/sec2 ;. find a) an equation for the height ofthe ball as a function ofthe time, b) the ma:<imum height of the ball, and c) the velocity with which the ball hits tlre ground. 2. (15 points) Find the following limits: + a) hr4 #= b) liry @ - [)(tann) c) tim ("or r)a s--ae cos fr-L 'r-1aS-' z t \ --'- -, -/ iJti* \--- -,/ 3. (2Opoints) Forthe function A : 14 * 8r3 + 18o2 - 1,0 a) .find the intervals over which y is increasing or decreasing, b) find the intervals over which gr is concave up or concave down, c) find the local maximum, local minimum and inflection points (if any), and d) sketch a graph of the function labeling the points found in c).
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