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Target Corporation - Background Target Corporation, founded...

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Background Target Corporation, founded by George Dayton, is a discount-retailer in the United States based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Target Corporation is the second largest big-box retailer in the country only following Wal-Mart. Target’s main competitors include Wal-Mart and K-Mart; however, Target tends to attract more wealthy and educated customers than other similar retailers. Target stores offer a variety of products from every day-essential, home and personal care items, clothing, furniture, groceries, and electronics. The first store was opened in 1962. The demand for Target grew rapidly and by 1972 the corporation was operating a total of 46 stores in the central United States. By 1982 the company expanded to the West Coast and opened up even more locations. In 1988 the company had opened stores across the entire United States and was growing rapidly, collecting billions in revenue. The success of the company is due primarily to their concept of offering high-quality merchandise at low prices. Annually, Target Corporation generates $48 billion in revenues and continues to make profits even during the recent economic downturn. Much of the success of Target can be attributed it its reputation for trendy
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Target Corporation - Background Target Corporation, founded...

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