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25. They are not union compatible because they do not contain the same number of culumns. 26. For the product names on order number 01116324 you must combine the product and order line tables. 27. For the product names ordered by customer number C0954327 you must combine the order table and the order line table. 28. For the product names ordered by Sheri Gordon you must combine the customer and the order tables. 29. For the number of orders submitted by customers residing in Colorado you must combine the
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Unformatted text preview: customer and order line tables. 30. For the product names appearing on an order taken by an employee named Landi Santos you must combine the employee and the order tables. 31. You would use a project operator to produce a subset of columns to make them union compatible. 32. To list the supervisor name of the employee who took a specified order you would need to combine the order table and the employee table....
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