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Review Questions 21.2 – There are three things that distinguish machining from other manufacturing processes. First, the shear deformation process does not occur on a plane, but within a zone. Second, the shear deformation that occurs in the shear zone, another shearing action occurs in the chip after it has been formed. Finally, formation of the chip depends on the type of material being machined and the cutting conditions of the operation. 21.3 – Machining is important commercially and technologically because of its ability to produce products at a constant rate. Machining allows you to precisely manufacture a product within a variety of shapes and special geometric features possible. You’re able to get good dimensional accuracy and surface finish. A variety of work materials can also be used to cut metals. 21.7 – The difference between roughing and finishing is: Roughing removes large
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Unformatted text preview: amounts of material from the starting work part. It creates a shape close to the desired product, using high feeds and depths with low speeds. Finishing on the other hand, completes the part using low feeds and depths, and high cutting speeds. 21.9 – An orthogonal cutting operation uses a wedge shaped tool in which the cutting edge is perpendicular to the direction of the cutting speed. As the tool is forced into the material, the chip is formed by shear deformation along a plane. 21.13 – Friction force and shear force 21.18 – The term size effect in metal cuttings refers to the premises that shear stress increases with increase in strain rate. Also, the specific energy increases with decrease in deformation size. Multiple Choice 21.5 – C 21.9 – A & B 21.11 – B Problems...
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