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Review Questions: 18.3 - Press working is often applied to sheet metal operations because the machines used to perform these operations are called presses. 18.6 – Increasing temperature affects the parameter in the flow curve equation by both strength and strain. Both strength and strain hardening are reduced at higher temperatures. Ductility is increased at higher temperatures. 18.8 – Isothermal forming refers to operations that are carried out in such a way as to eliminate surface cooling and the resulting thermal gradients in the work part. It can be accomplished by
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Unformatted text preview: preheating the tools that come in contact with the part to the same temperature as the work metal. This procedure is most closely associated with forging. 18.11 Sticking friction in metalworking is the tendency for the two surfaces in relative motion to adhere to each other rather than slide. It means that the friction stress between the surfaces exceeds the shear flow stress of the work metal, thus causing the metal to deform by a shear process beneath the surface rather than slip at the surface. Multiple Choice 18.2 - A 18.5 D 18.6 A,D,E,G 18.8 A...
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