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Review Questions: 19.6 – Draft in a rolling operation is when the work is squeezed between two rolls so that its thickness is reduced by an amount, called the draft. 19.7 - Sticking in a hot rolling operation is when the hot work surface adheres to the rolls over the contact arc. Sticking occurs as the surface layers of the work are restricted to move at the same speed as the roll, and below the surface. Deformation is more severe in order to allow passage of the piece through the roll gap. 19.9 – A two high rolling mill is where two opposing rolls are used in the rolling mill. The two-high configuration can be either reversing or non-reversing.
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Unformatted text preview: 19.13 - A. Open-die forging B. Impression-die forging C. Flashless forging 19.25 In a wire drawing operation, the drawing stress should never exceed the yield strength of the work metal because as the reduction increases draw stress increase. If the reduction is large enough, draw stress will exceed the yield strength of the exiting metal. When that happens, the drawn wire will simply elongate instead of new material being squeezed through the die opening. Multiple Choice: 19.1 D- Slab 19.5 A, D, F 19.9 A, B, G, H 19.13 A- Direct Extrusion 19.16 - C Problems:...
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