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Introduction and Background 1. The purpose of this lab was to use a piece of steel and create screw threads onto it. During this lab, our group used the lathe and a piece of steel to create our finished product. Procedure 2. The work that was done in the lab consisted of placing a 3 inch piece of steel into the lathe, and properly cutting threads into the steel. Before creating the threads, our group first created a “relief groove” into our piece of steel. To insure our group met the
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Unformatted text preview: requirements, we had to create 13 threads per inch. In order for our group to properly meet these requirements, we first had to calculate the depth of a thread and the total infeed of the tool. Calculations 3. Depth of thread d=0.5(P)tan60* d=depth of thread P= pitch of thread d=0.5(1/13)tan60* = 0.067 Total infeed of the tool: 0.0667/COS 29* = 0.076 References 4. IDM-331 Thread Turning Lab Instructions, Dr.Jones a....
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