FINAL ANSWERS - 1) The effect of planning on managers is...

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1) The effect of planning on managers is that it forces them to ______________ a. React to change b. Consider the impact of change c. Respond indiscriminately d. Develop bureaucratic response models 2) Planning is often called the primary management function because it _______________ a. Offers some basis for future decision making b. Creates the vision for the organizational members to work toward c. Establishes the basis for all the other functions d. Sets the tone for the organizational culture 3) Plans are documents that outline how goals are going to be met and ______________ a. Define which department has what responsibilities needed to accomplish the goals b. Tell what materials and processes are necessary to fulfill the goals c. Identify how much capital is required to complete the goals d. Describe resource allocations, schedules, and other necessary actions to accomplish the goals 4) ______ provide managers with quantitative standards against which to measure and compare a. An organization chart b. Reengineering c. TOM d. A budget 5) Which of the following is a performance measurement tool that looks at four areas that contribute to a company’s performance a. Market value added b. Economic valued added c. Balanced Scorecard d. Information control 6) Managers need _____ to monitor organizational performance and to control organizational activities a. Time b. Control analysis systems c. Data d. Information 7) When data are analyzed and processed, they become ______ a. A system b. Information c. Economically value d. Factual 8) The ___________ is the standard of excellence against which to measure and compare a. Market leader b. Benchmark c. Service excellence award d. Good Housekeeping Seal
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9) Official statements of what an organization says and what it wants its various shareholders to believe are referred to as a. Real goals b. Stated Goals c. Committed goals d. Comprehensive goals 10) What should a person do to understand what the real objectives of the organization are? a. Observe organization members’ actions b. Attend a stockholders’ annual meeting c. Read their annual report d. Watch television news reports 11) The most common ways to describe organizational plans are by their frequency of use, time frame, specificity, and _______ a. Quantifiability b. Flexibility c. Breadth d. Attainability 12) Specific plans are clearly defined and __________ a. Allow managers to interpret their “flexibility” on their own b. Leave no room for interpretation c.
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FINAL ANSWERS - 1) The effect of planning on managers is...

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