Mgt 340 test questions - 1 The effect of planning on...

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1. The effect of planning on managers is that it forces them to… a. React to change b. Consider the impact of change c. Respond indiscriminately d. Develop beurocratic response models 2. Which of the following is a performance measurement tool that looks at the four areas that attribute to a company's performance a. Market value added b. Economic value added c. Balance score card d. Information control 3. Managers need ____to maintain organizational activities a. Time b. Control analysis systems c. Data d. Information 4. What should a person do to understand what the real objectives of the organization are? a. Observe organizational members actions b. Attend stockholders annual meeting c. Read annual report d. Watch television news reports 5. The most common ways to describe organizational plans are by their frequency of use, time frame, specificity, and____ a. Quantifiability b. Flexibility c. Breadth d. Attainability 6. ___is the collection of managerial decisions and actions that determine the long run performance of an organization. a. Planning b. Goal oriented management c. Strategic management d. Leadership 7. ___and ____ are outcomes from a study of the external environment a. Threat/weakness b. Strength/weakness c. Weights/measures d. Opportunities/threats 8. ____are the organizations major value creating skills, capabilities, and resources that determine the organizations competitive weapons. a. Strengths b. Opportunites c. Core competencies d. Weaknesses
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9. The merging of the analysis of internal and external factors influencing the organization is known as. . a. Complete study b. Organizational behavior theory c. Definitional analysis d. SWOT analysis 10. Planning involves two important elements___ a. Goals/decisions b. Goals/plans c. Plans/decisions d. Goals/actions 11. When an organization attempts to combine with other organizations in different, but
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Mgt 340 test questions - 1 The effect of planning on...

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