History Test 2 Questions - Persians The first Persian...

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Persians - The first Persian Empire formed under the Median Empire after defeating and ending the Assyrian Empire with the help of Babylonians . Zoaroster - The universe is the battleground that is divided into three sections: the upper world, which is bathed with light; the earth; and the underworld, which is blanketed with darkness. Zoroastrianism - (Persian religion) Zoroaster was the first to teach the doctrines of an individual judgment, Heaven and Hell, the future resurrection of the body, the general Last Judgment, and life everlasting for the reunited soul and body. What is a Satrap? - was the name given to the governors of the provinces of ancient Persian empires. The first large scale use of satrapies, or provinces, originates from the conception of the first Persian Empire under Cyrus the Great, beginning at around 530 BC. Thermopylae (gates of fire)- 300 Spartans along with no more than 7,000 allied Greeks, held off an attacking army of 2 million Persians for several days. The behavior of all the Greeks was heroic, but that of the Spartans was absurdly so. In the end they died to the last man, refusing to surrender. Themistocles (greek from Athens) - was an Athenian soldier and statesman. As archon in 493 BC, he convinced the Athenians that a powerful fleet was needed to protect them against the Persians. During the second Persian invasion under Xerxes I, he commanded the Athenian squadron and through his strategy the Greeks won the Battle of Salamis in 480 BC. (Greek )Faylanks
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History Test 2 Questions - Persians The first Persian...

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