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Cao 1 Chi Cao Professor Brian Kyser English 1302 20 March 2012 An Analysis of a Poem: “Fire and Ice” by Robert Frost Robert Frost has been recognized as one of the most remarkable poets of the 20th century. He is a four-time Pulitzer Prize winning American poet. Robert Frost is best known for his “depictions of New England rural life and his realistic verse portraying ordinary people in everyday situations” (Biography). In 1924, he published a book of poetry “New Hampshire” and won his first Pulitzer Prize. In this winning book, “Fire and Ice” is one of the most popular poems. “Fire and Ice” is a short poem that shows how people question about ending of the world. By using specifically metaphor, symbolism, diction, and understatement, Robert Frost’s poem emerges into an argument about the end of the earth, whether it will end in fire or in ice. The narrator’s language drives the mood and the meaning of the poem. According to Poetry magazine, “Fire and Ice” is known as one of the best epigrams that speculate on the means by which the world will end (Poetry). Using symbolism, he emphasizes the theme of “Fire and Ice”. What do “fire” and “ice” have in common? They are both the essential elements of the earth. However, “fire” possesses a power that none of the others has. “Fire” is the only element that remains uncontaminated. This is the reason why
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2 Robert Frost seems to favor “fire” as he mentions it before “ice”. While “fire” stands for war and passion, “Ice” is the symbol of indifference and cold-bloodedness. At first, Robert Frost may think that an ending in fire would be better for the earth. However, he later realizes that the cooling from “Ice” can also destroy the earth.
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