Lecture 4

Lecture 4 - 5 Thermal equilibrium the heat produced from...

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The Sun Tuesday, February 02, 2010 1:47 PM 1. How do we test models of the sun's core? o The sun is a huge glowing ball of gas- basically 3 layers Core: 16,000,000 K: very very hot and dense Convective zone Radioactive zone o The sun produces gamma rays and neutrinos 2. Solar neutrinos o Very small o Like "ghosts"- go through things like they aren't there, have very low reactions with things o Most pass straight of the sun as if it weren't there o 3 types: electron, muon, and tau Possible explanation for mis-calculations: perhaps the neutrinos change types? 3. Compared to the energy produced in the core of the sun, the surface emits o Less energy o The same amount of energy o More energy 4. Solar granulation o Each "little" granule is about the size of Texas o They are large bubbles rising to the surface, like a boiling pot
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Thermal equilibrium: the heat produced from the core is the same as the heat coming from the surface 6. Density of the Sun o The core is much more dense than the outer layers o Density of the corona is about equal to a really good vacuum 7. An imaginary star, Alpha Fictionis is 3x as hot as the Sun. What color would you expect it to appear? o Blue/white o Yellow/white o Orange/red 8. How many times more energy does it radiate (same mass and radius, just 3x as hot) o The same amount o 3x o 9x o 27x o 81x 9. If the Sun has a total lifetime around 10 billion years, how long would you expect Alpha Fictionis to live, to the nearest power of ten? o 100 million years o 1 billion years o 10 billion years o 100 billion years o 1000 billion years...
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Lecture 4 - 5 Thermal equilibrium the heat produced from...

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