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Lecture 17 - o Your perceptions of distance and time change...

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Special Relativity Tuesday, March 30, 2010 1:57 PM 1. Speed of light is always measured the same no matter how fast you're moving 2. Wavelength and energy, however, do change as a light source moves towards you 3. Relativity Weirdness o Which of the following are not consequences of relativity? People who fly often age at a different rate to those who do not If you traveled at almost the speed of light, the journey to the nearest star could only seem to take a few days If you traveled at almost the speed of light you would travel back in time An astronaut would disagree with a commuter about how far it is from Baton Rouge to New Orleans 4. Enter gravity o Acceleration is a change of speed
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Unformatted text preview: o Your perceptions of distance and time change based on your speed o Gravity also messed up how you measure distance and time o Clock on ground floor runs slower than clock on top floor of a building o Low frequency = red light • Seen in white dwarfs 5. Gravitational lens o Picture of the day o Seems like we're seeing many different galaxies but its all just one o Gravity bends the light 6. Gravitational waves o Another prediction of general relativity • We know oscillatin electrons produce electromagnetic radiation • Should produce gravitational radiation o We've never actually detected the gravitational waves...
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