Lecture 3 Job Analysis

Lecture 3 Job Analysis - 2/1/11 JOB ANALYSIS 1) Terminology...

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2/1/11 JOB ANALYSIS 1) Terminology a) Elements – smallest unit of work activity b) Task – multiple elements of work performed to achieve an objective c) Position – defined by the tasks an individual performs d) Job – collection of positions similar enough to one another to share a common job title 2) Approaches to Job Analysis a) Job-oriented a.i) Focus on describing various tasks that are performed on the job a.ii) Very specific task desc a.iii) Methods (a.iii.1) Task inventory (a.iii.1.a) Task statements generated by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) – individuals who are incumbents or experts regarding the target job (a.iii.2) Functional job (a.iii.2.a) Obtain info about what tasks a person performs and how those task are performed (a.iii.2.b) Uses task statements but they are rated on the following dimensions: data (extent to which cognitive resources are needed to handle info, facts, ideas); people (extent to which interpersonal . .) a.iv) FJA used to develop Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) (a.iv.1) Contains basic info on 12,000 various jobs (a.iv.2) Codes jobs according to data, ppl, and things (a.iv.3) Contains a lead statement, task element statement, and “May” items in order to describe job requirements a.v) O*NET (Occupational Info Network) – modernizing and taking the DOT to the internet a.vi) Advantages (a.vi.1) Cheap, quick to administer
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Lecture 3 Job Analysis - 2/1/11 JOB ANALYSIS 1) Terminology...

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