Lecture 4 Criterion Mgt

Lecture 4 Criterion Mgt - Chapter 4 Criterion Measurement...

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Chapter 4 – Criterion Measurement 1) The Criterion Problem a) Defining and measuring performance criteria is difficult because of its multidimensional nature and various purposes b) What are suitable criteria for one organizational decision may not be for another c) No one criterion adequately measures performance; psychology teaches us that behavior is complex – so is performance 2) Defining Criteria a) Criteria – evaluative standards that can be used as yardsticks for measuring employees’ success or failure; most typical criterion in I/O is performance b) Uses of Criteria – appraise employee performance, validate a selection battery, make layoff decisions c) Poor choice of criteria can be very problematic for an org. 3) Ultimate criterion a) Includes everything that defines job performance b) Its an abstract concept c) Very complex and never completely accessible (Thorndike, 1949) d) Try to do our best by approaching this goal or ultimate criterion 4) Actual criterion a) Ultimate criterion is the goal, but Actual Criterion is our best representation of the Ultimate and what we use in reality b) Want there to be as much overlap as possible between the Ideal and Actual c) We choose those elements that seem most important and keep cost and measurement in
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Lecture 4 Criterion Mgt - Chapter 4 Criterion Measurement...

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