Ch 1 and 2 PE Quiz - Your Answer c that you either make the...

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Results (Percent Correct): 90% Quiz/Exam Entry & Exit Times: Entry Time: Jan. 31 at 4:14 PM Exit Time: Jan. 31 at 4:42 PM Ending Message: Thanks for taking this quiz I hope you did well, if you need any help or have any questions, please let me know ASAP. Also please email me your results once you have them. Thanks Robert (Based on total number of questions) Correct Question: The consciousness-raising process involves obtaining information about the problem, so you can make a better decision about the problem behavior. Your Answer: True Correct Question: Being optimistic and focusing on the desired outcome is the behavior change process of: Your Answer: e. Positive outlook. Incorrect Question: Individuals who are indifferent and helpless believe that consequences of unhealthy behaviors often don't manifest themselves until years later. Your Answer: True Correct Question: The simplest model of change is:
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Unformatted text preview: Your Answer: c. that you either make the change or you don’t make the change. Correct Question: An acceptable goal must be compatible with those of the other people involved. Your Answer: True Correct Question: The epidemic of physical inactivity in the United States is called: Your Answer: d. Sedentary Death Syndrome Correct Question: Healthy life expectancy is calculated by: Your Answer: e. subtracting years of ill health from life expectancy. Correct Question: Which is true regarding the high health-care costs in the United States? Your Answer: d. Unhealthy behavior is the major contributor. Correct Question: As the scientific evidence continues to mount each day, most people are adhering to a healthy lifestyle program. Your Answer: False Correct Question: Research shows that deterioration of the human body can be hastened by: Your Answer: b. physical inactivity....
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Ch 1 and 2 PE Quiz - Your Answer c that you either make the...

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