PE C 1 Fitness Program 2012

PE C 1 Fitness Program 2012 - PE­C101­001 FITNESS PROGRAM...

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Unformatted text preview: PE­C101­001 FITNESS PROGRAM and FOOD JOURNAL: • • This is a two part project the first part will consist of: o Creating a fitness program geared for your particular fitness objectives. The second part of the program will consist of: o Keeping a food journal. o Your journal will include what you consume for two weeks (14 Straight Days). o You will count calories each of the days. Use either or search Google for food counter. o Personally use the diet and fitness program for no less than two weeks and write down your observations. • • Use terms, concepts, and theories found in the lectures and the textbook to help explain your program and its objectives. Turn in your food journal and type up a two to three page report about your fitness program. Answer the following questions: • How do you plan on achieving your goal? What is your workout plan? What is your diet plan? What is your weight loss plan? What is your cardio exercise? What is your muscular exercise plan? Current weight at the start of the project. Place in the food journal or food chart. ­After the two weeks­ What happened day to day? Did it work why or why not? Ending Weight at the end of the project. Students are to use proper format and minimize grammatical errors (Such as APA or MLA Format). Fitness Program Paper is due on Week 8 ...
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