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PE C 101 Fitness Program_Food Journal_ABROWN - Andrew Brown...

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Andrew Brown Student ID# C02234882 Fitness Program/Food Journal Project PE C-101 Fitness Program and Food Journal Project PART I: Create a fitness program geared for your particular fitness objectives. My fitness program consists of activities that will make me a more active person and also specific exercises for targeting areas of my body that I would like to improve on. For my particular fitness program I would generally like to improve the amount of walking I do per day and also would like to increase the amount of abs strengthening exercises that I perform daily. I would like to build a stronger more defined chest by increasing the number of pushups, pull ups, and amount of weight that I bench press. I would finally like to increase my stamina for running, stairs, and hiking. For my diet program I would like to be consistent with stopping my food intake at 9pm because my metabolism slows down at night like any other person. I have indulged in midnight snacks for far too long and my belly shows it. I would like to stop drinking beers for a few months to also lighten the load on my belly. Finally I would like to eliminate cheese from my diet for the next few weeks because I have consumed far too much for too long. My weight loss plan is that I will lose 20 pounds of weight which will make me have an ideal BMI index of normal weight. I would primarily like to lose some weight from my belly and also from my upper legs. The exercises I have learned to do will primarily be chest and leg exercises. I will also be doing cardio intervals in between these exercises consisting of leg kicks, jumping jacks, knee lifts, and punches while squatting. My Muscular exercise plan will mainly be consisting of lifting weights in various different ways that I have learned from exercise videos that I have been watching lately. I will also be doing bench press type exercises to increase my muscle in my chest area. My current weight at the start of this project is about 210 pounds
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This note was uploaded on 03/30/2012 for the course PE 101 taught by Professor Flores during the Spring '12 term at Coastline Community College.

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PE C 101 Fitness Program_Food Journal_ABROWN - Andrew Brown...

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