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Andrew Brown Student # C02234882 3/25/2012 PE C- 101 Spring 2012 Final 1. Heat injury requires action. What should be done to reduce the causes and results? (4 Points) Heat injury is something that most people don’t take as seriously as they should. Although heat injury is usually more susceptible to affecting the elderly, it is something that should be taken a lot more seriously. There are several types of heat injuries ranging from moderate risk to severe risk with the most dangerous type being heat stroke. Our bodies cool off by perspiring sweat and when we become dehydrated there is no sweat which makes us susceptible to heat related injuries. It is important to remain as hydrated as possible every day and especially when participating in strenuous activities and on very hot days. It is also important to where light colored clothing as dark colors will hold in the heat and make it much more difficult to cool off. 2. The “big three” lifestyle behaviors are responsible for 632,000 deaths each year. Name these behaviors and generally rate your status for each of them. (6 Points) Tobacco is #1 with 435,000 deaths. Poor Diet and Inactivity is #2 with 112,000 deaths. Alcohol is #3 with 85,000 deaths. Tobacco being #1 is no surprise and it amazes me with all we know today that people still choose to smoke. Tobacco should be made illegal in my opinion because people don’t have the self-control to save their own lives from the most dangerous legally available substance available. Poor Diet and Inactivity also doesn’t surprise me as we are the most obese nation in the world and almost have fast food on every corner in every city with super-size options and 3000 calorie meals. Americans are lazy and this needs to change or the trend will pass on to the children and to their children which will turn our nation into a nation of human hippos. Alcohol is the second most abused legally available substance and this still doesn’t surprise me that it is on the list. Many Americans abuse alcohol which is responsible for many domestic violence cases and child abuse. Alcohol is also responsible for many drunken driving deaths as people drink too much and black out and then go kill people without even realizing it. Alcohol is one of the most dangerous substances available. 3.
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PE FINAL EXAM ANDREW BROWN - Andrew Brown Student #...

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