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Andrew Brown Student #C02234882 Flores 2/27/12 1. What is considered moderate physical activity by the Surgeon General? The Surgeon General lists the items of physical activity in order of less vigorous and more vigorous. Moderate physical activity as defined by the general can be defined by things as simple as common house chores or recreational activities. Some of the more common items listed in order of less vigorous to more vigorous would include: washing and waxing a car for 45-60 minutes, gardening for 30-45 minutes, raking leaves for 30 minutes, and shoveling snow for 15 minutes. Some of the more recreational activities ranked from less vigorous to more vigorous would include: playing volleyball for 45-60 minutes, playing touch football for 45 minutes, dancing fast (social) for 30 minutes, swimming laps for 20 minutes, and basketball (playing game) for 15-20 minutes. It is suggested by the general that we add moderate amounts of physical activity for about five or more times a week. Making these easy activities a part of our weekly routine can help with weight loss and maintaining a healthy active lifestyle. 2. Differentiate between health-related fitness and skill-related fitness. At its most simplest form the difference between the two terms can be described as the following; health-related fitness would relate to everyday activities such as needing strength to lift grocery bags and to climb stairs whereas skill-related fitness can be described as agility being necessary to dodge opponents while playing football. At a more advanced level health-related fitness can be defined into four groups: cardio- respiratory endurance, Body Composition, Muscular strength and endurance, and Muscular flexibility. Skill-related fitness at a more advanced level can be defined in these groups: agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time, and speed. Health-related fitness is more applicably necessary to the common folk in that it is necessary to live a self-sufficient life. It is important to maintain moderate physical activity so that you can maintain good health-related fitness in order to look after yourself and be prosperous on your own. Skill-related fitness is a more direct training method where you are basically gearing your fitness routine toward the specific sporting activities you would be doing. For example in baseball a catcher would want to gear towards endurance and leg strengthening exercises so that they can maintain the crouching position throughout the entire game. This is a very grueling activity for common folk which is why skill-related fitness is so important for athletes. 3. Discuss five characteristics of effective goals. There are many characteristics of effective goal setting and achieving but to me it was
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PE Midterm - Andrew Brown Student#C02234882 PE Midterm Q A...

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