pe quiz ch 9 and 10 - c endurance d flexibility 6 Type B...

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1. Reaction time is the ability to rapidly propel the body or a part of the body from one point to another. True False 2. If you are a diabetic, consult your physician before you start exercising because you may not be able to start until your diabetes is under control. True False 3. For the general population, skill-related fitness is important for: a. coping with emergency situations. b. becoming successful athletes. c. prolonging life expectancy. d. being competitive in sports. 4. _____ is defined as the ability to produce maximum force in the shortest time. a. Agility b. Balance c. Power d. Speed 5. The Soda Pop Test is used to assess: a. composition.
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b. coordination.
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Unformatted text preview: c. endurance. d. flexibility. 6. Type B behavior brings on more distress. True False 7. Visual imagery involves the creation of relaxing visual images and scenes in times of stress to elicit body and mind relaxation. True False 8. A(n) _____ explanatory style can delay healing time and worsen the course of illness in several major diseases. a. positive b. optimistic c. suppressing d. pessimistic 9. Type A individuals who commonly express _____ are at higher risk for coronary heart disease. a. anger and hostility b. ambitiousness c. competitiveness d. time urgency 10. The yoga exercises include a combination of postures, diaphragmatic breathing, muscle relaxation, and _____ to relax the body. a. autogenic training b. biofeedback c. meditation d. visual imagery...
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pe quiz ch 9 and 10 - c endurance d flexibility 6 Type B...

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