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Design Exercise 5: With Given explanations I was able to transform equations that are satisfied with respect to the diameter for the core and diameter for steel reinforcing bars. P A g (0.225 f c + f s p g ) 0.1 A s / A g 0.08 A s 1.86 in 2 d ≥ 12 4 a s 0.45 A g - 1 ⋅ f dfgdafsdfsaf bd c A c f s V sp ; Considered only for cost of concrete & concrete forming and pour.
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Unformatted text preview: Therefore: V c = V g V sp V s After plotting this into excel solver we obtained an optimal Diameter for for each: d c = 11.963 in. d s = 1.539 A s = 7 bars(1.86 in 2 ) = 13.02 in 2 d = d c + 3 = 14.963 in. A d = 175.84 in 2...
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