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Topic 3: Direct Marketing Definition and What it includes General advertising is controlled, identifiable information and persuasions by means of mass communication media. “controlled” because the advertiser decides the content, timing and direction of the message (vs. public relations where the publicist has no control over these things) “identifiable” because the source of the message is disclosed (vs. propaganda where the propagandist remains anonymous). The primary goal of general advertising is to create/increase revenue. Propaganda is the communication of a point of view with the ultimate goal of having the recipient of the appeal come to “voluntarily” accept the position as if it were his/her own/ it is a mass suggestion through the manipulation of symbols and the psyche of the individual. Public Relations is a communication activity with a non-customer. The audience includes labor, stockholders, employees and government in order to maintain favorable relations AND the placement is free. Publicity is communication in the form of a news story that pertains to an organization and/or its products. It is transmitted through a mass media at no charge and it is part of the public relations effort within an organization. Direct marketing includes persuasive information. This is a special kind of marketing which uses response advertising (mail, television, magazines, newspapers, radio, the web) to generate a response. Responses include inquiries, orders, memberships, and/or contributions. These responses are tracked and measured and a marketing database is manufactured. Key idea: measurable response What is included within direct marketing: Mail , or what we refer to as “junk mail” is included because it utilizes database lists. Once a response is received, it is “caught”. The largest users are charities who are willing to spend 8 cents to make 10 cents, just enough to show a slight profit but primarily to capture names. Mail is the oldest form of direct response advertising and allows for selectivity, personal selling, longer/more informative copy and immediate and measurable results. “Personal: because this mail is often address to Mr. or Ms. or a first name. The armed forces sends direct marketing mail to high school graduates as the services target high school grads. There are 3 basic formats for direct mail. A classic direct mail offer utilizes a separate mailing envelope and ranges from a simple business letter to a lavish package stuffed
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with brochures and other inserts. A self-mailer does not have an outer envelope and may vary from a single sheet of paper folded once for mailing to a wonderfully complex piece of multiple sheets and preformed envelopes. Generally a self mailer comes off the press complete and ready to address and mail and hence are less expensive than classic mailing packages because there is only one component to produce and no inserting needed. A catalog is a magazine and can be hundreds of pages. Catalogues
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ADVDMKTopic3 - Topic 3 Direct Marketing Definition and What...

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