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Topic 5 –Objectives of Advertising; Product Life Cycle The Objectives of Advertising What is advertising? It is a business, an art, an institution, and a cultural phenomenon. The general public’s attitude toward advertising is ambivalent in that they like the individual ads while they hate advertising in general believing the profession to be glamorous while the morality of the industry are suspect. Much of the value and power of advertising is that it provides “silent information” as to how we should interact and present ourselves. Advertising helps consumers see the possibilities and meanings in the things that they buy. Advertising also liberates meanings that lie below the surface. For example, Doyle, Dane, Burnbach’s Volkswagon ads turned the unlikely automobile (an amalgamation of a insect and a machine developed by Hitler as his war vehicle) into a mobile social statement (in the 60s and 70s the Volkswagon van often had a peace symbol emblazoned across the front). Advertising is part of our every day culture. If we see, as estimated, 1,500 ads per day, clearly they must influence or even change the cultural consciousness and behavior of the public. Certainly advertising promotes a higher quality of goods through the ability of the consumer to identify a particular manufacturer and thus creating a need for that manufacturer to maintain quality. Advertising also gives business the ability to roll-out new products fast enough to offset the costs of creating such products. Additionally, advertising protects industry from government and special control as it democratizes information to consumers as to what products are available. Definition: “Advertising is a paid, mass mediated attempt to persuade.” Advertising is paid communication by a company, organization (client/sponsor) or political candidate who wants their information disseminated. It is mass mediated in that it is delivered through communication media designed to reach large numbers of people. And it is an attempt to persuade, that is, to get someone to do something. Even it the ad is purely informational, it is still designed to get consumers to like the brand/company/person. An advertisement is a specific message while an advertising campaign is a series of coordinated advertisements that communicate a theme or idea. An audience is a group of individuals who receive and interpret messages sent from advertisers. A target audience is a particular group of consumers who are most intended to receive the message. The marketing mix consists of several tools including conception of the product, pricing of the product, promotion and distribution of the product, service of person. Advertising is only ONE of the promotional tools relied on in the marketing mix. Advertising communicates the value of a product or service. Marketers must determine which marketing mix ingredients to emphasize and how to blend the elements to attract and
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serve customers. This is referred to as integrated communication
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ADVDMKTopic5 - Topic 5 Objectives of Advertising Product...

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