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Advertising and Direct Marketing Topic 8B–Media Buying and Planning Marketers are seeking “measurable results” for every marketing communication dollar they spend. Through the use of marketing research organizations, marketers have access to detailed information on the media habits and purchase behaviors of target audiences. Organizations such as Media Research (MRI) and Simmons Market Research Bureau (SMRB) correlate product usage data with the media habits of target audiences (i.e., indexes indicating the particular segments of a population that are heavy users of a particular brand expressed as a share of volume.) Sophisticated data is available through services such as Nielsen’s Home Scan and Information Resources’ BehaviorScan, offer information not only on demographics, but on brands, purchase size, purchase frequency, prices paid and media exposure. Media planners identify media that cover the same geographic area as the advertiser’s distribution system. Geo-targeting is the placement of ads in geographic regions where higher purchase tendencies for a brand are evident (this reinforces high-volume users). A Brand Development Index (BDI) is a method of allocating advertising budgets to those geographic areas that have the greatest sales potential. Message weight is the gross number of advertising messages delivered by a vehicle in a schedule. The measurement includes duplication of exposure. The message weight indicates the size of the advertising effort being placed against a specific market. Gross impressions represent the sum of exposures to all media placement in a media plan. Some are duplicated (the same person had several exposures perhaps through different media ) referred to as between-vehicle duplication as well as within-vehicle duplication (exposed to same ad in same medium on different days.) Media objectives provide the foundation for media selection. The true power of a plan is within the media selection – the decisions made with respect to a media vehicle’s reach and frequency, the continuity of a media placement, audience duplication, length and size
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ADVDMKTopic8 - Advertising and Direct Marketing Topic...

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